2015: Bought and Sold

Homes We Listed and Sold in 2015

286 South Great Road, Lincoln

286 South Great Road This splendid hidden gem sold for $1,630,000.

476 VFW Parkway, Brookline

Jeannine helped buyers purchase this great single family for $665,000 in a competitive bidding situation.

279 South Great Road, Lincoln

This great four bedroom home sold for $528,000.279 South Great Road





116 Conant Road, Lincoln

Buyers purchased this home for $1,050,000.

21 Tower Road, Lincoln21 Tower Road

This classic colonial overlooking the entrance to Ballfield Road sold for $1,175,000.




7 Twin Pond Lane, Lincoln

We helped buyers narrow their search to find the perfect home, a stunning contemporary on a spectacular  three acre lot for $1,185,000.

62 Birchwood Lane, Lincoln

This freestanding condominium has new owners — our buyers scooped it up for $690,000.