More Spring Market Data: January 1-March 25, 2016

Hello Spring!

When we first looked at the spring market back on February 21, of the 74 listings that had come onto the market in the 6 towns, 40% or 30 houses had gone under agreement. Now that the spring market is in full swing, that average is still holding when we look over all listings that have come on since the first of the year. Weston is the only town where only 19% of the houses that have come on the market this year have accepted offers.

In Sudbury, of the 72 houses that have been listed since the first of the year, 29 have accepted offers. 41 are still on the market and 2 have been withdrawn from the market. Excluding the cancelled listings, that’s 41%.

In Carlisle, 40 houses have come on the market since January first. 15 have accepted offers, and three have been cancelled. That’s also 41%.

74 houses have been listed in Concord since the first of the year, 32 have accepted offers. That’s 43%.

14 houses have come on the market in Lincoln and of those, 1 has cancelled, and 5 have gone under agreement. That’s 38% 65 houses have come on the market in Wayland and 29 have sold or accepted offers. That’s 45%!

In Weston, however, my data shows that 70 houses have come on the market in 2016, and of those two have expired, but out of those 68 listings only 13 have accepted offers. That’s only 19%, making Weston a clear outlier.

The only thing to note is that many of these listings may have been listed in 2015 and taken off the market for some time in the winter, then put back on the  market and they come up in my data as newly listed.


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