Lincoln Station — Big News

2016 has been a rough year for the institutions of Lincoln’s commercial district; Cambridge Trust Company closed it’s Lincoln branch in April, and both AKA Bistro and the Whistle Stop closed since then. The Rural Land Foundation, the landlord for the latter two businesses, announced today, however that leases have been signed with folks of Trail’s End cafe for those two spaces.

Meghan Lytton, Chair of the RLF/LLCT, shared the following today:

“The Rural Land Foundation (RLF) is excited to announce that we have leased both the former AKA and Whistle Stop space in the Lincoln Mall. We have entered into two leases with the current owners, Jim and Carol White and Elizabeth Akehurst-Moore, of Trail’s End Café in Concord.  “Lincoln Kitchen”, in the former AKA restaurant space, will operate as a first class full service lunch and dinner restaurant.   “Trail’s End Café, Lincoln” will operate in the former Whistle Stop space as a casual breakfast and lunch venue.”


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