Hot Seller’s Market continues in Lincoln, Wayland, but fades in Concord

There are still only 12 houses on the market in Lincoln. That is extraordinarily low inventory, which has meant higher than expected offer prices for those houses that have come onto the market this spring. There is so little on the market, and what there is makes new listings look SO GOOD, but it is hard to know how long this seller’s market will last. Well, it’ll last until ten or more houses come on and don’t sell immediately. For comparison, last year on March 27, there were 20 houses on the market, and the year before there were 18.

In Wayland, the same thing is happening, with only 17 houses on the market. Exactly a year ago (3/27/17) there were 22, and two years ago, there were 42.

Similarly in Sudbury, there are 46 houses on the market right now, compared with 57 last year at this time. In 2016 there were 62.

Even Weston, which rarely follows the same rules that seem to apply to other markets (insofar as their prices are higher even though houses take longer to sell), has 61 houses on right now, compared with in 97 on March 27, 2017 and 104 in 2016.

Carlisle has not seen much change, last year there were 21 and this year there are 23 on the market on March 27.

Bedford is slowing a bit compared with last year at this moment with 15 on right now, compared with 11 last year and 24 the year before.

Lexington hasn’t seen a huge decline relative to 2016 which on March 27th had 53 houses on the market and 2017 which had 52, at this moment there are 43 houses on the market.

Concord has the reverse trend, with 81 houses on the market today. That is up substantially from 51 on this date in 2017 and 61 in 2016.

Lexington has a median house list price right now of $1.8M, which is higher than Concord’s $1.68, though last year, it was reversed with Concord’s median list price at $1.75 compared to Lexington’s $1.69m. It would appear Concord has shifted into buyers’ market territory, leaving its neighbors behind.

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