Fall Reminder: Shut off your outdoor spigot!

Shutoff for outdoor faucet

We woke up to a crispy frost this morning, and it was a good reminder to shut off outdoor faucets so they don’t freeze (and run the risk of bursting) when the temps drop. If you’re like me and have no idea where October went, let this be a your reminder – it is such an easy one to cross off your list!

  1. Drain your hoses and store them for the winter.
  2. Follow your pipe inside from the spigot and turn the shut-off all the way off.
  3. Open your outside faucets and let the last of the water drain out.
  4. If you have a bleeder valve (inside, at the shut-off,  it looks like a little nub you can twist, towards the outdoor faucet) you can open it to allow the pipe to drain, you may need a bowl or bucket to catch a bit depending on the pitch of your pipe.


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