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At Home Depot, Test-driving electric lawn mower

I was surprised by how much fun it was to test-drive this puppy at Home Depot the other day!  And from the few reviews we watched, it seemed like a good grass-cutter. Clearly I couldn't test that action. Never a dull day when you are out taking care of clients, and you get offered a test drive...

Lincoln voted at Town Meeting back in March to restrict the use of gas-powered leaf blowers. The new bylaw allows only electric powered leaf blowing during the summer and winter, and restricts some gas-powered blowing during peak spring and fall seasons. Whether you live in Lincoln and are looking to upgrade your leaf blower to comply with the new bylaw when it takes effect, or are interested in rechargeable, electric lawn care equipment because it's less polluting, lowers your carbon footprint, is quieter for your neighbors or lets you mow your lawn by moonlight, electric lawn care is EXPLODING! Electric lawn mowers are a great choice.

We currently use a super-awesome gas-powered Honda self-propelled mulching lawn mower. It has performed admirably over the last three seasons. We're careful to take the blades in for sharpening once every season or two. We leave our mulched grass clippings (because hauling it is too much, and the Internet says to leave them as fertilizer). Our lawn isn't perfect, but it serves it's purpose. (Is a lawn's purpose to require three hours of mowing per week? Because yes, if that's its purpose, then its purpose is served!) But it does take gas, and three or four hours of work to mow the about-a-half-acre of grass we have on our 1.1 acre lot. This kind of riding mower is much faster, and since we pay Eversource to offset our electricity by renewables, technically it would be much greener lawn care for us. Should we make the switch?

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