How Low is Low?

single family inventory July 2019 compared to July 2020

Inventory is down across Massachusetts — but how low is low?

COVID19 struck just as the market was heating up for spring. We projected lower than typical spring inventory, as many sellers opted to hold rather than list. That happened, and in some communities more than others, we see persisting record-low inventory in single families. As you can see, Lincoln, Concord and Sudbury still see the most marked drop, while Lexington and Bedford have inventory levels closer to last year’s.

single family inventory July 2019 compared to July 2020

Active Single Family Listings
2019 2020
Lincoln 31 13
Concord 91 37
Sudbury 71 31
Weston 108 66
Wayland 48 32
Lexington 75 60
Bedford 26 22


Another way of looking at inventory is the way MLS analyzes it as months’ worth of inventory based on the current absorption trends. By this measure, it’s clear that buyers across the MetroWest suburbs are competing for properties that are projected to be grabbed up much sooner than they would have last year.


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