Mosquito Control

Mosquito life cycle

Control Standing Water


  1. Look out for pots, buckets, toys, tarps, anything that can collect water after it rains. Look under your porch, around your home, and through your yard for any container, and DUMP THEM!
  2. If you keep a birdbath or water feature, keep it cleaned regularly. Cleaning out standing water more than once per week is enough to disrupt their life cycle!
Mosquito life cycle
Mosquito Dunks to treat standing water

Treat Standing Water


Treat standing water that you cannot dump. Here’s a link to a product many folks recommend, available at our favorite local hardware store, Vanderhoofs in Concord!

Speaking of Vanderhoofs, it’s a great place to take your screens (windows AND doors) to get rescreened to keep those mosquitos outside!

Get Bats!

The best thing you can do for long-term, reliable, eco-friendly mosquito control is to provide a healthy habitat for bats! They can eat up to a thousand mosquitos a night! They’re an important part of our ecosystem and they keep breeding populations of mosquitos down.

We’ve been known to give bat houses as closing gifts!

Bat house

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