Caulking a Bath

Most houses benefit from recaulking in the bathroom. Whether it’s behind the sink, around the shower door, or around the edge of the tub. Since I had to do it myself on my SUPER UGLY bath (to keep it workable while we wait to renovate) I got a step-by-step for you here.

1. Tools:

2. Use the scraper and blade and your fingers to remove as much of the existing caulking, and even grout to expose the seam you are going to re-seal.

3. Really get in there and clean it out all the way (then clean up your mess, don’t let it go down the drain!).

4. Dry it out, you can aim a hairdryer from across the room.

5. Load your caulk gun, slice across the tip to make a small hole and pierce the inside with the little wire arm on the caulk gun.

6. Clean up the bead with either a damp finger or the FABULOUS little triangle on that scraper.

7. LET IT CURE no showers for at least 24 hours or whatever it says on the back of the caulk you use. 

Revel in your accomplishemt!

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