Fall Home Care Checklist

Fall home care tips image

Can You Check Off All Five?

We are expecting our first frost this week. Are you ready?

  1. Clean Gutters (and Drains!) – In addition to gutters, you may have drains that move water away from your house or driveway. Keeping them clear of leaves keeps the water going where it belongs!
  2. Any Outdoor water? Blow out your irrigation system! Turn off outdoor spigots from the inside and drain them! Empty rain barrels. 
  3. Windows: if you have storms windows, be sure to check that they are in (and in the right track so there are no gaps). Want more daylight throughout the winter? Clean and Remove your screens! Don’t forget: windows in your attic and basement TIP: you may have louvers that should be shut in the winter if your attic is vented.
  4. Battery Check: smoke detectors, thermostats, flashlights.
  5. Call the pros: get your chimney swept if you use it. Get your boiler or furnace serviced

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