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Lincoln MA school building project image

Decision 2018: Lincoln School Building

After comprehensive community collaboration, we will undertake to (re)build and pay for an innovative and attractive $94.9M preK-8 Lincoln Pubic School, meaning a 17-19% increased property tax bill. Property value impact cannot be forecast; it was a decision the town needed to make without market speculation. The project makes it EVEN MORE important to use […]

2018 Lincoln MA Real Estate Market Review Chart Graph

2018 Market Review (sneak peek!)

Our analysis revealed that gains made over 2017 seemed to firm up in nearly all price brackets this year. What is the historic context for our current strong seller’s market in Lincoln? Here’s our sneak-peek look at the year in review. We’re also interested in what Lincoln looks like when compared to other neighboring towns […]

Trunk-or-Treat 2018

We gave away 500 pieces of candy, a hundred “bones” pens and a hundred slime-covered “eyeball” bouncy balls from our ‘haunted house for sale” at the Rec Department’s trunk-or-treat. Our past clients got mini pumpkins, too. Jeannine was a spooky ghost hiding in our darkened van. Ours was a popular trunk!

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