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Bridge loans when you need to sell to buy

Bridging the Gap: From Selling to Buying

Many buyers have a home to sell before they buy. That creates a natural dilemma, and Rick Renna, Sr. Loan Officer and VP with Blue Hills Bank in Concord, Massachusetts sat down with us to explain the range of options available! Can you get a bridge loan?  Here’s the transcript:  I’m Jessica Packineau with […]

market review 2018 Lincoln Concord Lexington Weston Wayland

Market Trends 2014 – 2018: Lincoln, Concord, Wayland, Weston, Lexington

Data for Lincoln, Concord, Weston, Wayland, and Lexington gives us a sense of the big trends over the past 5 years. Check it out below! You’ll see that 2018 saw strengthening market indicators for sellers (decreases in inventory, increases in average sale price per square foot, and decreases in average days on the market). That’s […]

February 2019: To Buy or to Wait? Rick Renna of Blue Hills Bank weighs in

In this video, Rick Renna, Sr. Loan Officer with Blue Hills Bank sat down with Jessica in his Concord office to share his thoughts on the current mortgage market. We originally asked him about how buyers can overcome the gap between selling and buying (forthcoming). This was just a great, spontaneous addendum! We’re so grateful […]

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