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Single Family Inventory Bar Graph

No Love for Home Buyers this Valentine’s Day

Slow Start to Spring Sellers often ask when the best time is to list a property for sale, and our pre-pandemic answer was always Valentine’s Day. It seemed that no matter the year or market, when a seller put a well-prepared house on the market early — but not too early — the sale price […]

Lincoln single family inventory and price per square foot 2017-2021

Low Inventory, High Prices

ZERO houses for sale in Lincoln! December 2021 starts off with never-before-seen zero houses on the market. As we’ve been writing about since early in the pandemic, demand for single-family housing in Lincoln and the surrounding communities has dramatically reduced inventory levels. Houses are selling much faster than usual. That leaves very little available for […]

Lincoln 2020 market review

Lincoln 2020 in Review

The Lincoln real estate market was strong entering 2020, following two years of stable prices and an uptick in demand. As the country plunged into lockdown, our practices changed, but the market barely skipped a beat. In review, 2020 was a banner year for Lincoln sellers, and more homes sold than in the 5 previous […]

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