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Downsizing during a Pandemic

Downsizing During the Pandemic?

Unprecedented low inventory, low interest rates, demand… Despite the catastrophic pandemic, 2020 broke local real estate market records. No one predicted it, but the surging demand for more space was buoyed by historically low interest rates. For the many high-earning urban-dwellers of Boston, the only hardship was the competition. That suburban shift has left nearly […]

Single-Family inventory November 2019 to 2020

Low Inventory Persists

Covid Impacts Persist in West ‘Burbs, Inventory Remains Historically Low in Concord, Lincoln, Sudbury Some towns feeling the squeeze much more acutely than others, like everything else “pandemic” it’s complicated. Back in July, we profiled the year-over-year decline in single-family inventory, and here’s the update in Concord, Lincoln, Bedford, Wayland, Lexington, and Weston. This update […]

single family inventory July 2019 compared to July 2020

How Low is Low?

Inventory is down across Massachusetts — but how low is low? COVID19 struck just as the market was heating up for spring. We projected lower than typical spring inventory, as many sellers opted to hold rather than list. That happened, and in some communities more than others, we see persisting record-low inventory in single families. […]

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