Data Privacy Policy

Evidently, for many of the places we advertise or collect contact emails, we are required to spell out our data privacy policy. The policy is this: we use the data we collect — at open houses or on the Internet/social media ads — to contact the people who provided the information. We may add the provided email address to our mailing list we believe the person who provided the information intended to be added, i.e. for more information about a particular property. We NEVER sell any information that has been given to us, and we try our best to protect it by implementing best practices. If you don’t want to be contacted by us, just let us know. We certainly would hate to contact anyone who didn’t want to hear from us! We do all our contacting by hand, so we can always unsubscribe anyone. Mostly, the bottom line is we are two real people, we do all our marketing ourselves. We guard our data and treat anyone who has trusted us with their contact information the way we would want to be treated.