Step 2: The Search

The Search

Here’s the thing about the search: The best search is one where you’re working in collaboration with us, your buyers’ agents. If you want extraordinary service, insider info, the scoop on what’s going to happen — you need to be loyal to your agent. This is how it works.

We’ll create an email account for you so that listings that fit your search criteria arrive directly in your inbox every day.

You can always search from our website directly, too.

Go ahead and search other third party sites if you want, but know that Zillow is NOT up-to-date.

Open Houses and Scheduled Showings

In our market, most listing agents have open houses the first Sunday a house is on the market (and, possibly, the first Saturday as well). Then they’ll have open houses every few weeks thereafter on Sundays — typically around 1-3PM. You should not wait to see a house when it’s open. We will schedule an accompanied showing for you – it’s better for you to see the house at a convenient time for you, when you can have easy access to the listing agent and your buyer’s agent for questions. If the open house is the most convenient time for you to see a handful of listings, at least share your feed back with us, otherwise we will be slower to learn your tastes and preferences.

[emaillocker id=1357]Searching for your new house with the Jeannine and Jessica is easy. It’s important, though to remember that simple things like the time of day, the furnishings and the house you last saw will impact your experience. Also, please share any feedback at all, it’s very helpful for us to guide your search.

Did you like the floor plan?

What needs did this house not meet?

How is it for your commute?

Think about answering questions like that in order to best help us help you. Some people look for years and see dozens of houses. It doesn’t mean that the very first one can’t be the best fit.

You can do a complete MLS search by any parameters here [/emaillocker]

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