Step 2: Pricing & the Comparative Market Analysis

We will meet with you and visit your house. DON’T worry, we won’t judge! We’re looking for the details that we can’t get from town hall: does your home have what buyers are looking for? What should you focus on so it does?

We do our homework and work some magic to determine the right price for your home in the current market. We help you become familiar with all the houses in your town which have sold or are on the market within at least the last six months within your price range. We’ll show you this data, and we come up with comparable houses.

Your friends and neighbors may chime in based on their concept of comparative houses. A couple words of warning: When we present the CMA to you and we go over it together, we will show you the houses we used and why. For your house to sell, a buyer needs to think that your house is BETTER than a comparably priced house that is on the market.

We sign a listing agreement, which we have provided here for your convenience. It is simple and straightforward; we go through it with you.

You will also sign a lead paint disclosure form.

You will also need to sign an Agency Disclosure Form if you have not signed one with us before.

Once you have signed these things, we alert our marketing department of your house and its timeline so that they can begin reserving space in the appropriate media outlets.

More on Marketing next in Step 6: Marketing.

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