Step 4: Title V

[emaillocker id=1358]When you list your house, it’s best to have already passed the “title V” inspection. You can learn a lot more on Massachusetts Energy and Environmental Affairs website: “Buying and selling a home with a septic system“.

The inspection can be provided by state approved system inspectors. The company that pumps your system can do it, or we can give you some recommendations. The inspection is good for two years, or for three years if you pump every year.

If your septic system does not pass the inspection, you will need to put in a new septic system. It is best if you can do this before your property is listed for sale but if not, it is sometimes possible to escrow more than the required funds at closing (using the sale proceeds to pay for the new system). Not all lenders will lend in this circumstance. We can help you navigate this process. [/emaillocker]

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