Step 5: Marketing

Marketing begins when you sign the listing contract.

Please share any beautiful photographs, memories and your favorite aspects of the house. These things inform our marketing.

Please let us know if you want to keep anything private, if you have any concerns. Otherwise we assume that you want the home marketed as aggressively and thoroughly as possible to cast the net for potential buyers widely.

We’ll buy the domain for your single listing website

We’ll hire professional photographer for photos to be taken and floor plans to be drawn.

When we have those materials, we’ll design the website, the brochures, and the marketing staff will place any specific adds. Your listing won’t be public on third party websites until it is uploaded into MLS, but in addition to the notes above, we’ll place a “coming soon” For Sale sign if applicable.

Any marketing before your house goes live on MLS is designed to build anticipation. We want buyers to hear about your house before they can get in.

We’ll report all our analytics to you.

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