Step 8: The Purchase & Sale

Talk to your attorney about ANY question you have about the agreement BEFORE you are scheduled to sign it. Signing can be in person or electronic. The purchase and sale lays out everything that you are going to do and not do, and everything the buyer is going to do and not do before closing. It describes some of the buyer’s understanding of what he or she is buying. Sometimes, if there was work that you agreed to complete before the P&S that has not been completed yet, it will describe that work.

Next, you have to move out. You must leave anything affixed to the property and anything you included in the P&S. Generally, if you need tools to remove something, or if removing it would require patching, it’s affixed. You must remove everything else with only a handful of common exceptions. Often buyers appreciate full (or mostly full) gallons of recently applied paint, and extra tiles that match a floor. The home must be left in “broom clean” condition typically (per the P&S).

We’ll get the fire department to come out and issue a smoke detector certificate.

About a week before closing you’ll need a final water meter reading from the town. You will pay for the water you used up to this point.

We will read the gage on the oil tank if you have one so you can be reimbursed for the oil that remains (per the P&S).

You’ll need to contact your utilities to tell them the effective date for the end your service.