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No Love for Home Buyers this Valentine’s Day

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Slow Start to Spring Sellers often ask when the best time is to list a property for sale, and our pre-pandemic answer was always Valentine’s Day. It seemed that no matter the year or market, when a seller put a well-prepared house on the market early — but not too early — the sale price […]

Lincoln single family inventory and price per square foot 2017-2021

Low Inventory, High Prices

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ZERO houses for sale in Lincoln! December 2021 starts off with never-before-seen zero houses on the market. As we’ve been writing about since early in the pandemic, demand for single-family housing in Lincoln and the surrounding communities has dramatically reduced inventory levels. Houses are selling much faster than usual. That leaves very little available for […]

Inventory Graph 2021 Concord Lincoln Lexington Wayland Weston

It’s Demand, Not Supply

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The competition buyers face this Spring season is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Nearly all of what comes on the market is gobbled up immediately, leaving exceptionally low levels of inventory. But surprisingly, the data tells us that it is the buyers’ appetite — rather than sellers’ reluctance — that has changed. A full year […]

Single-Family inventory November 2019 to 2020

Low Inventory Persists

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Covid Impacts Persist in West ‘Burbs, Inventory Remains Historically Low in Concord, Lincoln, Sudbury Some towns feeling the squeeze much more acutely than others, like everything else “pandemic” it’s complicated. Back in July, we profiled the year-over-year decline in single-family inventory, and here’s the update in Concord, Lincoln, Bedford, Wayland, Lexington, and Weston. This update […]

Mid-year Market Update

2019 at the Half-way Mark: July 4 Market Update

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It has been a wild ride this year for us, with a peak of 5 active listings at once, all in Lincoln. It has been less wild for many area sellers; many houses need price reductions or renovations to sell. After a slow-to-start spring that felt overrun with buyers who then didn’t make offers, we […]

Lincoln MA school building project image

Decision 2018: Lincoln School Building

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After comprehensive community collaboration, we will undertake to (re)build and pay for an innovative and attractive $94.9M preK-8 Lincoln Pubic School, meaning a 17-19% increased property tax bill. Property value impact cannot be forecast; it was a decision the town needed to make without market speculation. The project makes it EVEN MORE important to use […]

Strong seller’s market continues in Lincoln and surrounding communities!

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There is so little on the market in Lincoln and the pent-up demand feels palpable. Is it borne out in the data? YES! But less so in surrounding towns. One year ago, today, there were 25 single family houses on the market in Lincoln, now there are 16. That works out to only three months’ […]