352 Hemlock Circle, Lincoln 2018

Jeannine and Jessica were awesome to work with. I have sold other properties in the past and have dealt with a number of sales professionals, and I had an opinion of the type of people I wanted to work with. I like down to earth, smart, nice people who are not going to inflate the price expectations to get the deal and then start talking you down the minute you sign. In that, I found a team who met my criteria 100%. They knew the market, weren’t afraid to tell me if there was something they needed to check or look into before they gave me an answer, and were professional and great communicators. We listed the property at the number they recommended, we had a slow start on the first opening which was the last week before Labor Day, and then we had a second showing just after Labor day which resulted in two strong offers, both meaningfully over asking price. They managed those dynamics professionally and honorably. The buyer was thrilled to get the property, and we were thrilled to do better than they had told us we should expect. In addition, there were a number of “this and that” that had to get done in the process. It’s very easy for a realtor to smile and do nothing. “Not my job.” Without overselling this, there were maybe 3-4 things that really helped me not to have to worry about: a few staging details, a paint and patch up job, this and that. It makes a difference when you are dealing with a lot of stuff to know that if you do need a little bit of help just to get everything perfect, that your team is on your side. Can’t say enough good things. Hire these two.