Ashley. H., Natick

My husband and I met Jessica in January 2021. We were hunting for our first home under some tough circumstances – a global pandemic but also our landlord had decided to sell the condo we were renting under a tight deadline. We needed a proactive partner who would educate us and assuage our concerns along the way. We needed someone to truly listen to us. Enter Jessica! Jessica had worked with a trusted friend before who referred her with a rave review.

Jumping ahead, Jessica helped us see a few houses in our price range and in towns where we were struggling to find realistic options. She set up a few showings for us one day, but also put one on we hadn’t yet seen online… and it was perfect. We fell in love! She helped us put together a compelling and personal offer without blasting past our budget. With 14 offers out to the owners, we magically landed our dream house! We couldn’t have done that without our amazing partner.

The last thing I’ll mention is she stayed with us through the closing. There was a bank communication issue as we neared the closing deadline and Jessica took care of everything – working late, making phone calls, relieving all stress.

Highly highly recommend!!!