Why Choose Us

Choose us because experience and excellence matters. Local matters. Agency matters. We are dedicated to your success.

  •  Locally, no one compares: we’re plugged into the community from young families through the Council on Aging. We know the schools, the trails, the boards, the CSAs and the perks. We help people plug in, because you’re not just selling or buying a house. 
  • The network of agents and marketing staff. We moved to Compass because of its suite of software tools and skilled marketing staff. We gained a network of Realtors working in the Boston and Cambridge markets which helps build the pipeline of buyers coming out to the suburbs.
  • Award-winning marketing by our in-house marketing team. Jeannine and Jessica hire professional photographers, and then we work closely with the marketing team to create brochures and materials tailored to the home and its sellers.It takes more than a For Sale sign to sell a house these days.